3 Common Mistakes When Applying for Express Entry

06 Oct 2021

Express Entry is an online system that the Canadian Government uses to manage applications for permanent residence from skilled workers. Express Entry provides a pathway to permanent residence for skilled workers in Canada or overseas. Express Entry applications are scored by the government and the higher your score, the higher your chance of success. What are some common issues that come up when applying?

1. Take the time to find out if you are eligible to apply!

The Canadian Government has a simple tool you can use. Simply take 10 to 15 minutes to fill out the form and the government will let you know if you are able to apply for Express Entry.

2. There are three Express Entry programs available, not just one.

The three programs are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

  • Canadian Experience Class

A common mistake immigrants make is to only apply for one of the Express Entry programs. There is a handy comparison you can find here. All three have different requirements for Canadian Language Benchmark and are based on the NOC code system.

3. Make sure you have all your documents in order.

There are a large number of documents you need to have in order to be able to successfully apply for Express Entry. The most important ones that are commonly missed are:

If you have all of these documents you may be invited to apply for permanent residence. If that should happen there are more documents that you will need to give to the government. These include your birth certificate, marriage certificate, a use of representative form, and possibly more.

What if I don’t have some of the documents needed? What if I am having trouble with the process?

Immigrate is here for you. We have consultants available for you to book with. With more than 15 years experience we can ensure your application is scored as high as possible. If you would like an example of the level of expertise and quality of service we provide, read our blog about us working with the government to achieve application approval.