Immigrate Overturns a Twice Refused SINP Application

18 Aug 2021

Immigrate consultant creates a positive nomination after the file was wrongly refused twice.

The team at Immigrate prides ourselves on always protecting the best interest of our clients. Today, we had a significant victory for one of our clients after overturning a falsely  rejected application twice. 

This story starts two years ago (2019) in India. Dirk, our CEO and Founder, was there doing a presentation about Immigrate’s services. He met this wonderful family that was looking to immigrate to Canada and purchase/operate a farm in Saskatchewan. Dirk invited the applicant to Saskatchewan, highlighting all the opportunities available to them. They fell in love with the space, farmland and culture, exclaiming that it is their dream to move here. The team at Immigrate was delighted to help make this family's dream of immigrating to Canada come true. Our team of experts, including team members that speak their language, helped them complete their application and submitted it.

Based on the families goals, we found that the best route for them was a Farm Owners and Operators SINP Application. To qualify for this, you must:

  • Have experience in farming
  • Have capital (money, assets) to invest in a farming operation
  • Plan to buy and run a farm in Saskatchewan.

This family was the perfect fit for this government program, as they had all of the above points and completed their visit to Saskatchewan. The family met with industry professionals across the province, and a SINP officer. The SINP Farm Owners and Operators process typically flows like this:

  1. Upon application submission, applicants are issued a SINP application number.
  2. Supporting documentation needs to be provided to verify financial and legal competencies.
  3. Reviewal of the application and a decision on the application status is issued. 
  4. Approved applicants receive a nomination to apply for a work permit and permanent residency.  Also, a key employee and their family are included in this. 

In 2020, there was a grading matrix introduced for applicants called the Farm Applicant Intent Grading Grid. The minimum score required was 55 points.  This step was not in effect from 2017 until 2020.  

We submitted this family's application in 2019 before the Application Intent Grading Grid was in effect. For the SINP Farm Owner and Operator program, there is typically a 60-day application reviewal process wait time. Towards the end of this period, after steps 1 through 3 were completed, we got a letter from the Government of Saskatchewan notifying us that this application was undergoing a final review and to pay the $2500 application fee.

Two weeks later, we received a message that their application had been refused. The Government’s reason for refusal was that “the family did not meet the point criteria.”  We then requested a second review based on the fact that there was not a point criteria in the SINP Farm Owner and Operator guide at the time. 

We were devastated for this family, as it is very rare that our applications do not get approved.  We then approached the local MLA and went above and beyond to achieve procedural fairness.  We promised the client we would do everything in our power to make things right.

At this point, most consultants would have given up and accepted that the government would not approve this application. Not our team! We went right to the top and had the decision reviewed for procedural fairness. Once reviewed, it was reopened, and we FINALLY got our approval notice!  We appreciate the Saskatchewan government's cooperation and eye for fairness in this manner. Our team truly has our clients best interest in mind and will do whatever it takes to make sure we can help you make your immigration dreams come true.  

Here is what the family has to say about this, 

“Dear Dirk,

I cannot begin to articulate what you have done for Harinder, his family, and my family. You went above and beyond. You strongly believed and know it was their error and stood on your expertise and strong principals. This means so much to us. Some people when they know there has been an error do not speak up but you did. You are right, you held them accountable! That says a lot about the person you are.

May you and your family always be showered in goodwill, success, and happiness!!! We will all make it our mission to make sure everyone and anyone who wants to immigrate knows that you are the best!

With lots of gratitude and appreciation, 

The Garcha Family.”

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