Immigrate Software Develops Innovative Solutions to Tackle Canadian Labour Shortage

28 Jun 2023

June 27, 2023, Toronto, Canada - Immigrate Software, the leading tech-based platform that provides comprehensive immigration solutions, is proud to announce its advanced solution for addressing the pressing labour shortage in Canada. This innovative initiative aligns with the new Tech Talent Strategy announced by Canada's Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, The Honourable Sean Fraser, launched at the Collision 2023 conference.

"We are excited to deploy our new tech platform to help address Canada's labour shortage at a time when the Government is also responding so strongly to this need," said Keli Propp, CEO of Immigrate Software. "Our mission is to simplify the immigration process for tech professionals globally, knowing that the growth of Canada’s tech sector depends on access to talent."

The Tech Talent Strategy unveiled by Minister Fraser aims to attract 40,000 foreign tech workers over the next two years, capitalizing on Canada's burgeoning tech sector. Immigrate software, supported by licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, offers a user-friendly, AI-driven platform designed to simplify and expedite the immigration process, effectively bridging the gap between global tech talent and Canadian companies.

"Our platform will not only support the government's ambitious goal but also empower tech professionals seeking opportunities in Canada. As a tech start-up ourselves we have had great pleasure in supporting applicants in the Startup Visa program already. I’m excited to see more spots opening for entrepreneurs wanting to create jobs in Canada as we become the number one destination for immigrant entrepreneurs," added Keli Propp, Immigrate’s CEO. “This is key to growing Canada’s competitive advantages in the tech space.”

Immigrate Software is dedicated to making the immigration process as seamless as possible for potential tech immigrants. The platform offers services tailored to the specific requirements of the Tech Talent Strategy, assisting candidates with their applications, providing step-by-step guidance, and delivering real-time updates and transparency on application status.

"Our vision is to revolutionize the way we understand and approach immigration. We are honoured to contribute to Canada's tech sector and economic growth," Keli Propp, CEO, concluded.