Immigrate Welcomes Michael Rhiness to Bolster Growth in Key Sectors

30 Aug 2023

Immigrate is pleased to announce a new partnership with Michael Rhiness as we continue our mission to make immigration simple.

With a robust background working with organizations of all sizes, Michael is no stranger to the complex challenges surrounding the immigration process for hiring foreign workers. His passion for finding clear, efficient, and ethical solutions aligns perfectly with Immigrate’s mission of assisting more people in realizing their Canadian dreams and helping businesses overcome labour shortages.

In his new role, Michael will focus on sales and growth, empowering his extensive network in the Healthcare and Agriculture sectors. He encourages businesses to “skip the line” and get the first look at the Immigrate platform. His dedication to delivering real solutions to real problems echoes Immigrate's own commitment to innovation and effectiveness.

"I am excited to partner with Immigrate Software, a gem of a group in Saskatoon that has committed itself to a complex yet crucial challenge in today's business landscape," said Rhiness. "I firmly believe that the Immigrate team is innovatively addressing this need, and I look forward to contributing to this important work." CEO Keli Propp expressed enthusiasm for the new partnership: "Michael's vast experience and shared values make him a really important asset to our team. His experience with the Healthcare and Agriculture industries will be essential as we continue to simplify the immigration process."


About Immigrate Software

Immigrate is a Saskatoon-based startup with a mission to make immigration simple. By assisting more people in realizing their Canadian dreams and aiding businesses in overcoming labour shortages, Immigrate is at the forefront of innovative solutions to today's immigration challenges.