Immigrate Software’s CEO Catapults Tech Startup to Top Ranks While Tackling Canada’s Labour Challenges

15 Nov 2023

Saskatoon, Canada — In the male-dominated tech space, Immigrate Software’s CEO Keli Propp proves that diversity and inclusion are big advantages for businesses. Immigrate, the visionary tech startup empowering businesses to diversify their own teams, is scaling new heights under the leadership of its Co-Founder and CEO, Keli Propp. Demonstrating remarkable growth and commitment to solving workforce challenges, Immigrate has been recognized as a Top 5 contender at Startup TNT's Summit VIII for Saskatchewan, showcasing its exceptional potential.

Keli’s ascent to the CEO role has been marked by a string of strategic successes, leading Immigrate’s ambitious mission to make the immigration process easy for both businesses and individuals seeking the Canadian dream. The company’s rise comes at a critical time when the Canadian economy is seeking sustainable solutions to fill employment gaps across industries.

In a powerful vote of confidence for the company’s trajectory and its leadership, Keli has secured a place in VentureLAB’s Accelerated Growth Program. This prestigious program is designed to propel forward-thinking technology entrepreneurs, particularly in fields such as enterprise software and artificial intelligence. The initiative aligns with Immigrate’s forward-looking approach in harnessing technology to overcome complex challenges in the immigration landscape.

Being accepted into VentureLAB’s Accelerated Growth Program is not just a milestone for Immigrate, but it also underscores our dedication to infusing advanced technology into the real-world issue of labour shortage,” stated CEO Keli Propp. “Our platform is more than a business solution; it’s a career lifeline for global talent and a growth catalyst for diversity in Canadian companies.”

Immigrate’s revolutionary managed services platform is a testament to the company’s innovative spirit, embodying the rich tech heritage of Saskatchewan’s “Silicon Prairie.” The platform simplifies the arduous immigration application process, enabling employers to effortlessly connect with international talent and reduce application processing time from days to mere hours.

As Immigrate looks to the future, Keli Propp’s guidance is not only elevating the company’s status within the tech community but also significantly contributing to Canada’s economic growth by addressing acute labour shortages with scalable, tech-enabled solutions.

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About Immigrate

Immigrate Software is revolutionizing the immigration process, making it seamless, efficient, and empowering for both businesses and individuals. This managed services platform brings together years of industry expertise, technological innovation, and a profound understanding of real-world immigration challenges to offer a comprehensive solution to Canadian businesses facing labor shortages.

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