Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Registered Immigration Consultant

28 Jul 2022

If you’re coming to Canada, you always have the option to complete your applications yourself for free. So why should you hire someone to help you? Who should you choose?

These are the top five reasons we recommend working with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).


1. Avoid Expensive Mistakes

The Government charges fees over a hundred dollars for most applications. Each application can also take months to process. Unfortunately, tiny errors can cause your application to be rejected or delayed.

An RCIC can help you understand each step of the application process and complete the forms without mistakes. In fact, Immigrate consultants have a 99% application approval rate.


2. Save Hours of Your Time

Have you spent hours reading complex and confusing government websites without finding what you’re looking for? One short meeting with an RCIC gives you the opportunity to make a plan and ask questions, saving you all of that work. An RCIC gives you personalized advice, so you don’t waste time searching for information!


3. Choose the Best Immigration Options

Do you know if a federal or provincial immigration program is right for you? Will you require a visa to enter Canada? Do you know which Canadian province has the best programs for you? An RCIC understands all of the options, so they can help you choose the right one. Remember, it’s their job to know the system and help immigrants in your situation!


4. Get Advice You Can Trust

RCICs have to go through an approval process before they can register with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. They need to have special training and to give you honest advice about your options. They can even lose their license if they don’t follow the rules. This means you can trust them to work honestly and to follow Canada’s laws.


5. Get Advice that Follows Canadian Law

RCICs and Lawyers are the only professionals who can legally give you paid immigration advice (Chambre des notaires du Québec can operate in Quebec). They are also the only professionals who are allowed to submit applications to the Government for you. Working with an unlicensed consultant could cause your applications to be rejected or delayed.

Immigration doesn’t need to be stressful! If you’re ready to book a meeting with a licensed professional, visit our quiz to be matched with a consultant now.