How it Works

Immigrate With Us, Its Easy

Every immigration journey is unique. Let our RCIC Certified Experts give you all the information you need to help you find the best path.

Get expert advice and learn about all your immigration options. With Immigrate, you can trust that your application will be completed accurately and professionally. Sign up for our portal that will give you a checklist of all the necessary documentation to make your immigration application fast and easy. We provide real-time tracking on your application status, so you are always in the know.

How It Works

Step 1

Get Expert Advice

Answer a short questionnaire to get matched with a consultant that specialize in your immigration needs.

Step 2

Book An Appointment

Choose a 30 or 60-minute consultation with one of our RCIC Certified Consultants. In this meeting, we will listen to your needs and give you information and options before any commitment is made. We want to help you understand your options.

Step 3

Meet Online

Access Canadian Immigration Experts from anywhere in the world. In this meeting, we will create a custom road map specific to your immigration goals. We will outline all the options to help you make the best decision possible.

Step 4

Purchase Application

Once you understand your options, you can purchase the application that is right for you. Our team of experts will help you navigate your options. There is no obligation to buy, you are in control.

Step 5

Complete Your Application

Our free platform makes it easy to prepare, review, store necessary documents, complete and submit your application. We will provide you with a detailed checklist of all the requirements for your application type to make the process fast, easy, and transparent.

Step 6

Come To Canada

Presto! You have submitted your application accurately and in a fraction of the time. With our expert guidance and proprietary portal, the immigration process has been streamlined for you. What are you waiting for? Book your flights and come enjoy Canada.

Ready to get started? The first step is to get matched with one of our expert consultants.