Investing in Canada

Invest In Canada

If you own a business, you might qualify to immigrate to Canada - while doing what you do best.

Immigrating by buying a business is possible in Canada through programs including: Owner Operator LMIA, Start Up Visa, and Provincial Nominee Programs.

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Looking for your next business venture? Immigrate can help you find the right Canadian Business to partner with, invest in, or work with. Our fully transparent process keeps you informed to make the best business decisions for yourself.


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Starting, owning, investing, and operating a business in another country can be challenging. Our experts can help you navigate starting, finding, and having a business in Canada. We will show you all of your options, help you coordinate exploratory visits, connect you with industry professionals, and make sure you have all the tools, resources and information you need to make an informed decision. We give you all the knowledge you need to be successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases you will need to provide money from your own net worth for most Canadian business immigration programs. The Federal Start-up Visa and the Self-Employed programs have some exceptions to this rule

If your business fails you will still keep your PR status as long as you continue to meet the requirements of permanent residence in Canada such as the amount of time you live in Canada.

Yes. There are many programs available for special cases, such as artists, athletes, farmers, or other cultural contributors. You must prove that you have experience in your field and the ability to run your own business.

Yes you can. If the foreigner already has an open work permit there are no other requirements needed. You can also apply for permission to hire workers of your choice from Service Canada by submitting an labour market impact assessment application.

Yes. You will need to secure at least $200,000 from a designated Candian Venture Capital Fund or at least $75,000 from a designated Canadian Angel Investor group as listed on the government of Canada's website.

You must own at least one third of the Canadian business, be active in the management or operation of the business, and establish at least one full time job for someone other than the entrepreneur or their family.

For the Federal Investor program you must have a networth of at least 1.6 million CAD, and the ability to invest at least 800,000 and have relevant experience or have owned a qualifying business.

Yes. You must provide evidence by submitting tax returns, pay stubs, deeds of purchase and sale, investments statements, and real estate evaluations all from reliable third parties.