Pipelayer - NOC 75110

Sun Peak, BC

Job Description:

Are you a skilled Pipelayer seeking a career-defining opportunity in the breathtaking landscapes of Canada? Look no further – we're offering an exciting chance for foreign workers to join our team and contribute to the growth of our projects in beautiful British Columbia! As a Pipelayer, you'll play a vital role in our dynamic construction endeavors while experiencing the warmth and inclusivity of one of Canada's most picturesque provinces. Beyond the professional growth this role offers, British Columbia provides an unparalleled quality of life with its diverse communities, outdoor adventures, and cultural richness. Embrace the opportunity not just to advance your career but to embark on a fulfilling journey in a province that seamlessly blends work and lifestyle. Join us in shaping the future while enjoying the myriad benefits of life in British Columbia!

• Complete & assist in physical labor on site, capable of lifting 50lbs
• Actively participate in regular cleaning sites, loading & unloading materials, and removing hazards
• Assist field staff and provide support when needed
• Assist with install and repair sanitary and storm water sewer structures and pipe systems as required
• Lay out pipe routes, following written instructions or blueprints and coordinate layout with supervisors’ direction
• Assist with test pipeline for leaks and make necessary repairs with supervisor instruction and guidance
• Backfill trenches manually & restore work area to original condition
• Assist trades person to check slopes for conformance to requirements, using levels or lasers as required which may require standing in one place for long periods
• Safety and efficiently operate equipment on site
• Report any/all unsafe work, incidents and/or concerns to Supervisor and/or Site Superintendent
• Maintain a safe workplace by engaging in and implementing safe work practices.
• Communicate with Foremen and/or Site Superintendent to ensure a clear understanding of work and expectation
• Other duties that apply

Job Requirements:

• Ability to do strenuous physical labour & other physically demanding duties
• Ability to work independently & as part of a team
• Self-starter & motivated to take initiative on tasks
• Strong communication
• Punctuality & reliable
• Previous experience as a pipelayer or similar role is preferred
• Experience in civil construction is a plus
• Class 5 driver's license Preferable (not required)

In conclusion, this Pipelayer position in the scenic landscapes of British Columbia beckons skilled foreign workers to contribute to our dynamic projects, fostering both professional growth and a fulfilling lifestyle. While English proficiency is essential for the role, we encourage applicants from diverse linguistic backgrounds to apply, recognizing the inherent value of a global team. Your journey to Canada promises not only a thriving career but also an immersion into the welcoming communities and natural wonders of British Columbia. Seize this opportunity to not only build pipelines but to build a future in one of the most captivating provinces in Canada, where your skills will be valued, and your life enriched. Join us in shaping success amid the breathtaking beauty of British Columbia!
  • 6 openings

  • Job type: full-time
  • Wage: $30/hour
  • Experience: 1-year-to-less-than-2-years
  • Education: no-degree-certificate-or-diploma

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