Studying in Canada

Study in Canada

Canada has amazing learning institutions. In order to study in Canada as an international student, you will likely need a study permit. There are different types of study permits with different types of allowances. View your options below.

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Study as a Minor

Each province and territory decided the age of a ‘minor.’ Because of this, guidelines vary across provinces. To find out what a minor child needs to do to study in Canada if they are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, connect with our experts.

Study as an Adult

When and where you choose to study can impact your visa application. To learn more about how to apply for schools, and the list of schools that can receive students in Canada, consult our experts today.

Study ESL

Choosing Canada as your English study destination will help you progress towards your immigration goals. The ESL program has helped thousands of students learn English in Canada. To achieve your personal and professional goals, get started with Immigrate.

Study Permit Extension

Did you come to Canada as a student and want to stay? You can either keep studying until your current permit expires or transfer to another DLI. To explore your options further, consult our RCIC Certified Consultants to learn more about how we can help to extend your stay.

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Study Permit Additional Information

Applying for a study permit in Canada as an international student can be tricky. There are many factors that go into the applications and criteria necessary. Our RCIC Certified Consultants are ready to help you learn more about Canada’s amazing learning institutions. In many cases, a study permit is only valid for the length of your program. If you are looking for more options, talk to our experts.