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The immigration process is not as easy as it seems. Our team of immigration specialists can help with advice, getting started, checking applications, and the completion of any type of immigration application professionally and accurately.

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Canadian Employers

Immigrate is full of elite immigration consultants and recruiters that make hiring foreign talent easy and manageable for your business. With a 99% LMIA application approval rate, we are well equipped to help you achieve your organizational goals and find you top-tier candidates.

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Parter with Immigrate to grow your business. Join our global community of agents, consultants, and recruiters to gain access to our amazing platform.

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Why Immigrate?

Our team of RCIC Certified immigration experts are here to help you immigrate to Canada. Immigrate can help you:

  • Explore your immigration options
  • Complete and submit your immigration application
  • Find an LMIA approved job in Canada

We make immigration fast, easy, and accurate all at a fair price.

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Make Your Immigration Process Easy

Immigrate can help make your Canadian immigration dreams come true. Our team of expert immigration professionals have the experience to help you fulfil your immigration goals. We can help you come to Canada to:

  • Visit
  • Study
  • Invest
  • Live
  • Work

We will show you all your options and help you create a custom roadmap for your unique situation.

Canadian Employers

Fill Your Labor Needs With Foreign Talent

Let us help you meet the labour demands of a rapidly changing market by hiring foreign talent. We can help you find qualified candidates from all over the world and bring them to you. We can help:

  • Understand your business and labour needs
  • Complete an LMIA Application
  • Recruit Qualified Candidates from all over the world
  • Bring your new hire to you

With our reliable 99% LMIA Application rate, and 90% Work Permit approval rate, we make hiring foreign talent simple and manageable for your business.

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Consultants, Agents, and Recruiters

Are you looking to automate and digitize the immigration process? Join our community of immigration experts and gain access to LMIA Approved Job Boards, international job seekers, and Canadian Employers. Let us make this immigration application process:

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Transparent

Partner with us to save time, money, and effort. Apply to become a certified partner today and open yourself up to all the possibilities Immigrate can offer.