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Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for quality of life, economic opportunities, and natural beauty. When you hire foreign workers, you create a life-changing opportunity for your new staff to achieve their dreams.

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Meet with an expert

Meet with an expert.

Your immigration consultant will help you choose hiring options that fit your budget and timelines.

Leave your application with us

Leave your application with us.

We'll complete your applications and recruit the best talent for your business. You interview and choose who to hire!

Welcome your new hires to Canada

Welcome your new hires to Canada!

Your new employees arrive and get started in their new positions! Manage all of your applications in one place from your mobile browser as your team grows.

Why Immigrate

Why Immigrate

World-Class Immigration Tech

Manage your data and view all of your applications in one place, from your desktop or mobile phone. Our platform combines automation with personal service so you know your applications are completed correctly, in record speed.

End-to-End Solutions

From LMIA applications and recruitment to your new staff's arrival, our services make the entire process a breeze. Immigrate can also complete work permits and other applications for workers, preventing delays in their journey.

Tap Into our Worldwide Network of Agents

Immigrate partners with over 40 recruitment agencies around the globe, so you can select from hundreds of candidates in a variety of countries.

Canada's Labour Shortage

Canada's labour market is changing fast. High retirement rates and low unemployment rates have created a shortage of job-seekers, often preventing businesses from meeting demand. If you're struggling to find qualified workers, you're not alone! That's why the Canadian Government has developed immigration programs that help you find the experienced professionals you need, while also creating a positive impact on the Canadian labour market and economy.

Canada's Labour Shortage

Frequently Asked Questions

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is designed to help Canadian businesses that are struggling with labour shortages. While there are some exceptions, most businesses which can’t find local applicants are eligible. Discuss your unique situation with one of our experts to find out if your business qualifies!

There are specialized programs for a wide variety of industries and job titles, including:

  • LMIA for High-Wage Occupations
  • LMIA for Low-Wage Occupations
  • LMIA for Agricultural Workers
  • LMIA for Seasonal Agricultural Workers
  • LMIA for Dual-Intent (Express Entry)
  • LMIA for Global Talent Stream
  • LMIA for In-Home Caregivers

When you hire with Immigrate, we help you understand which option is best for your unique situation.

Individuals are always allowed to submit applications to the Canadian Government on their own. Working with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) typically saves our clients 37 hours of work, and prevents mistakes that can cause major delays or even rejections. Just like hiring a professional accountant, getting the right advice helps you navigate complex government processes with ease!

Our team pre-screens resumes to find fully qualified candidates. You’ll choose which applicants to meet in video interviews, giving you the chance to ensure that their work experience, communication style, and personality is a perfect fit.

Typically, hiring a foreign workers costs less than $2/hour more than a local worker, while empowering businesses to run at full capacity. Employers usually pay for an LMIA submission fee, as well as Immigrate’s service fees.

Timelines depend on the category of job and government processing times. The process usually takes 3 to 4 months, and varies depending on the country your new hires are from. Your expert consultant will help you select options that work for your timelines!

Most workers have invested their own time and money in the immigration process, and are highly motivated to make their contract a success. As with any employee, Temporary Foreign Workers have the right to end their contracts early, in which case the employer can restart the hiring process.