25 Mar 2021

What is an Authorized Representative?

18 Mar 2021

Canadian Immigration FAQs

03 Mar 2021

Business Owner Success Stories #1- Randy’s Story

18 Feb 2021

Is Your Labour Market Impact Assessment Application Delayed?

Do you have a labour market impact assessment (LMIA) application processing? Are you wondering why it is taking so long? Maybe you are thinking about submitting an application and want to avoid any possible delays. Read on for more info.

08 Feb 2021

Immigration Consultant vs. Immigration Lawyer - What’s the Difference?

27 Jan 2021

Work Permits - How Long Do They Take?

Many businesses in Canada depend on foreign workers to stay operational. It's difficult to find local talent to fill positions for low skill, high skill, agricultural, and seasonal jobs. Canada needs foreign workers to help keep many areas of our economy going.  If you are a

15 Jan 2021

Do I Need an Immigration Consultant?

Do you need to work with an immigration consultant? We share the top benefits.

13 Jan 2021

Extension on Post-Graduate Work Permit Time Limits

International students are one of the key components of #Canada's future #immigrants and similar to other sectors, they have been significantly impacted by #COVID-19. It has been more difficult than ever to find a job during the pandemic, and many international students are worri

Protecting Your Business: Tips to Avoid Immigration Scams